This is my first game developed with Unity 5.

It's a text based Fantasy RPG - in portuguese (Brasil) - with a original story.

Next implementations:

  1. Translate to english.
  2. Add a Menu
  3. Extend the story
  4. Add illustrations for every situation

Hope it isn't that bad.

Thanks for playing.


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Wouldn't it be easier for you to use something like twine ? :)

Unfortunately I don't speek portuguese so Can't understand a word.

I like how you made it work in unity, with the [I]ndication on [W]hat [K]ey the player should press :) pretty intuitive

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I don't know Twine, I'll look for it. I used unity because I'm starting a project with a cousin and in this project we will use unity,

so it's a way for pratice.

I didn't think so much when I started creating this project, and wrote it in portuguese, but I'm working on the translation now and soon it will be possible to change the language.

Thanks for playing!

Great, it's important to practice indeed haha :)

Twine is a game engine that just generate text based game in html with really simple language, super useful to make a game like this one ! (but twine games look a bit all the same so it's good to see a text-game made with unity for once !)